Les Grandes Arcades (Bikfaya)

“Les Grandes Arcades” indoor space fits over 200 guests; along with a breathtaking view terrace that can entertain in summer time more than 125 live barbecuing fans. As well as, an outdoor wedding venue that accommodates over 600 persons.
The place is a very high end top of the line grand establishment, meeting the unique distinguished standard of both interior context and exterior settings overtaken by well-maintained rich vine yards.

The traditional mountain rustic décor, surrounded by natural sceneries of well-maintained rich vine yards, the wild cocktails enjoyed with refined appetizers of the house, the professional presentation of art healthy meals cooked with organic ingredients and its flavoring taste, and the welcoming staff attitude make it an amazing place for one to enjoy, relax and eat its latest creations of good food.

We combine this creative energy with the classic gastronomic cooking techniques and a sense of global inspiration, while always paying homage to the ingredients themselves.